Making Pellets with Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

Peanut shell is the main byproduct of the peanut processing factories, which occupies large area to store and has no much usage. How to deal with the peanut shell becomes an annoying problem. Now, you can turn the peanut shell into pellet fuel, an alternative way to solve this problem.
Benefits of Peanut Shell Pellets
If you are a farmer who grow peanuts, you can make benefits not only from peanut but from peanut shells. Different from other traditional fuels, peanut shell pellet is newly developed and it has been well received in the market. These pellets are widely used in heating, cooking and sometimes for animal bedding. People prefer peanut shell pellet due to its cleaning, economy, environmental protection and convenience for transportation and storage. Moreover, they release less poisonous gas or greenhouse gases. Therefore, the demands for pellets shows rapid growth trend.
Reason for Choosing Peanut Shell Pellet Mill
Peanut shell pellet mill is an efficient machine for making peanut shell pellets. Besides, it is also available to process some other agricultural and forestry wastes like wood chip, straw, sawdust, rice husk, etc. Peanut shells are grinded and remolded to small columned pellets fuel. Both the bulk density and burning time of pellets are greatly improved. Compared with peanut shell for directly burning, peanut shell pellets discharge higher calorific value. Whether you take the pellets for own use or for sale will be OK. Our peanut shell pellet mills have two different designs: flat die type and ring die type pellet mill. The flat die type is for small scale pellet production and the ring die type is for large scale pellet production.
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, we held the expertise of pelletizing. Our pellet mills have been exported to many countries, and won good reputations both domestically and abroad. And all the pellet mills can be customized according to your specific requirements. 

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