As one of the five oil crops second to bean and cotton, sunflower has received more and more favor due to the good taste and superb medicinal effect of its seed. However, during deep processing, sunflower seed shells are generated as a byproduct whose value has been ignored for a long time until researchers and manufacturers use them for biomass pellet production. Different from throwing them away or burning them directly, recycling sunflower shell into pellets not only helps enterprises make profits but also improves the demand exceeding the supply situation of fossil fuel to a great extent.

First of all, the problem of collecting sunflower seed shells must be resolved, so where can you get them?recycling sunflower shell into pellets
1.Oil processing factory: While seeds are adopting in sunflower oil processing factory, shells used to be piled up or sent to a certain gathering place.
2.Snack processing plant: Both salty and sweet sunflower seed packed in bags can be seen in shops or supermarkets, so the pre-peeled shells can also be got there.
3.Chinese medicine making works: More than just a delicious snack, sunflower seed is also frequently used to make Chinese medicine together with folium mori and oriental sesame seed.
4.Food supply chain: Apart from oil, snack and medicine, we can also see sunflower seed on cakes, desserts and cookies. An intermediate food chain can always meet such requirements and in turn meet yours for sunflower seed shells.

After successfully collecting and purchasing, real manufacturing shall begin with the help of sunflower seed shell pellet plant. Then what individual machines take part in this whole process?
1.Sunflower seed hull crusher: Double-inlet wood crusher and water drop wood hammer mill are typical and most frequently applied types for the grinding process of sunflower seed shells.
2.Sunflower seed hull dryer: Different capacities adopt different dryers, rotary drum dryer for the larger and airflow type for the smaller.
3.Sunflower seed hull pellet mill: When comes to the core part of sunflower seed shell pellet plant, both convenient flat die and efficient ring die wood pellet mill are available, diesel or electric engine upon specific requirements.
4.Sunflower seed hull pellet cooler: Using cooling machine can protect the follow-up devices from the damage of hot sunflower seed hull pellets.
5.Sunflower seed hull pellet packer: Packer with weighing system is always adopted here. In this way, sunflower seed hull pellets in each bag can reach a uniform level, which saves much trouble for subsequent operation.

In the process of recycling sunflower shell to pellets, many physical properties change among which size, moisture, temperature and density are the most significant.
1.Size: When coming out from crushing machine, the size of sunflower seed shells becomes 3-4mm from original 1-3cm. Then automatic conveyor delivers these smaller particles to pelletizing chamber where they are molded into long cylinder pellets and cut into the required size (normally, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm because of proved better combustion features).
2.Moisture: The materials with 13-18% moisture has better molding effect, which puts drying machine in an essential place. Even so, sunflower seed hull pellets flowing to market only have a water content of 10-13% because high temperature in pellet mill takes some away and further dries them in some degree.
3.Temperature: The temperature of sunflower seed shells doesn’t change much until being pressed by rollers and squeezed out from ring die, at which time it’s as high as 85℃. After being cooled in cooling machine, that of finished sunflower seed shell pellets is equivalent to or slighter higher than room temperature.
4.Density: The density of pellets made in sunflower seed shell pellet plant goes through normal, lower and higher standard. When crushed into powder, it’s undoubtedly lower than original level. While reshaped, the situation becomes reverse because for the same volume their weight becomes higher than ever.

Although smooth operation of sunflower seed shell pellet plant takes an indispensable place in the journey of making money, the actual profit making process is the sales of finished pellets. And the first step of knowing their market is to find out their application and uses.
sunflower seed hull pellet1.Fuel: Like other materials for biomass pellet production, sunflower seed shell can also be recycled into fuel which is able to
heat the furnace in industrial factory and warm people in their own houses.
2.Poultry feed: The high carbohydrate and fiber content in sunflower seed shell pellets make them suitable to feed animals, such as horse, cattle, pig and chicken. However, for balanced nutrition, other high-protein fodders should mix together.
3.Animal bedding: Used as animal bedding, sunflower seed hull pellets can provide your poultries or pets with a more comfortable living atmosphere in virtue of their high density and excellent absorbency.

From microscopic view, we know the materials collecting place, machines needed and physical property changes in sunflower seed hull pelletizing. Then its regional characteristics from a macroscopic view can be read in this part.
Sunflower is known native to the United States following whom Spain began to grow this oil crop in the 16th century. Nowadays, with fast spreading and good reputation, it’s widely grown and applied in almost every corner of the world, especially temperate and subtropical districts. The following chart gives distribution rank in different countries for your reference.

Rank 1 2 3 5 6 8 9 10 
Country  Ukraine  Russia Argentina China Romania  Turkey  Hungary Bulgaria Tanzania  France 


Since a more feasible way has been researched and used, the traditional direct burning and throwing away should be abandoned. Do your part for energy development and environment protection. Any questions or ideas, leave message on our website.

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