Q: What kind of raw materials is suitable for the wood pellet machine?
A: It can be any types of agro-forestry waste and forest waste, such as sawdust, wood branches, rice husk, coconut shell, coconut fibers, coffee husk, bagasse, cassava, elephant grass, groundnut husks, old cartons and cardboard papers, news papers, maize stalks, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, sunflower stalks, wood chips, coffee husk, bamboo, mustard stalk, nutshell, etc .
Q: To making biomass pellet, what is the ideal moisture requirement of the raw material?
A: In order to get high quality wood pellets, the ideal moisture of the material is 12%-21%, and ideal size is 1-5mm.
Q: Does the raw materials require any additives to add in the forming of the pellets?
A: It doesn’t need any additives to aid in the forming of pellets. The only thing you need to do is to control the moisture of the raw materials properly.
Q: Does your wood pellet machine can make animal feed pellet?
A: Of course, moreover, if you use the wood pellet machine produce animal feed pellet machine, it’s capacity will be more big than wood pellet.
Q: What’s the diameter of the final pellet can be?
A: In general, the diameter can be 2-10mm, or according to your specific requirement.
Q: What’s the main working program of the wood pellet production line?
A: The main pelletizing process is crushing →drying→making pellets→cooling→pellets packaging, etc. If the diameter of your material is too big to be crushed, then we need a wood chipper machine.
Q: For the wood pellet production line, can you send technical personnel to install machinery?
A: Of course, if you need, our company will send technical personnel to the scene of the on-the-spot guidance equipment installation, debugging and training operators, however, most of customers can finish the installation by themselves, it’s very easy!
Q: What spares required to be maintained on day to day basis in pellet machine?
A: Pellet mould and compression roller are necessary parts.Q: For the wood pellet production line, how many types do you have?
A: We have two types, as you can see on my web, one is mobile model, all of the machines are fixed on a bottom plate, you can move the machines all together, it’s very convenient. The other model is stationary type.
Q: The wood peeling machine is single roller or double rollers?
A: We have both single roller and double rollers, you can choose the one which is suitable for you.
Q: What’s the max length and diameter does your debarker can peeling?
A: For the length, we have machine which is suitable for 3 m, 6m, 12m, 16, 20m etc. For the width, our double rollers machine can peeling wood with diameter no more than 600mm.
Q: What’s the after sales service of your company?
A: If you have any questions for the wood pellet machine or other machine, just let me know feel free, by email, phone, whatsapp, wechat etc, we will reply you in shortest time, we can also solve problem to your local,